Mr. Allan Reznik

Although Allan Reznik has worn many hats in the dog world over the past 50 years—breeder, exhibitor, judge, broadcaster, mentor, club officer—he is probably best known as the award-winning journalist and Editor-in-Chief of several acclaimed national dog magazines. Dogs in Canada, Dog World and Dogs in Review were each honored as “Best All-Breed Magazine of the Year” by the prestigious Dog Writers Association of America while he was at the helm. Currently he is a monthly contributor to the AKC website and to Showsight magazine, and appears regularly on national radio and TV, discussing all aspects of purebred dogs and responsible dog care.

Allan’s love affair with Cavaliers began in the 1980s. He bred and showed under the Marcrest prefix in his native Canada. He bred a Specialty Best in Show winner from the classes in his first litter, defeating a field of 25 champions owner-handled. He has owner-handled Cavaliers of all four colors to their championships. He was on the Board of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada for many years, was editor of the Canadian parent club’s yearbook, and was the longtime Cavalier monthly breed columnist for Dogs in Canada magazine (the Canadian Kennel Club equivalent of the AKC Gazette).

He was a longtime member of the CKCSC, USA as well as COTW during his years residing in California. He is an AKC-approved judge of Cavaliers, and approved or on permit to judge 13 other breeds. He has judged large, regional club-supported Cavalier entries in various parts of the USA, as well as specialties.

Having attended many CKCSC, USA national and regional specialties in the 1980s, ‘90s and early 2000s, the invitation to now judge the Cavaliers of the Midwest specialty is indeed an honor. Thank you for the opportunity.


A Regional Club of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA

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